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About Us

The founders of Inventory Screen, Jason and Aoina, wanted to bring to life all the greatest items from video games (and movies, and comics, and TV shows, get the idea.) that they loved. It started out as cosplay, but they quickly realized that there was a need for the one of a kind items they create.

So they built a couple of 3D-printers and the rest is history!

Okay not so much, but that is the gist of it.

With their pack of 3D-printers, the cold casting laboratory, and a lot of trial and error they’ve managed to perfect the process that creates anything from a statue of your favorite character to a rubber replica axe and everything in between.

Inventory Screen is a one stop shop for amazing replicas that would look great in your house or as a finishing piece for a costume!

So what are you waiting for?

Fill up that Inventory Screen!


Can you make me something?

Maaaaaaybe. Head on over to our contact page and send us a message with the details of what you want made and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Okay, but how long is it going to take?

Depending on how busy we are and how complex the item is. It varies. For custom commissions we will give an estimated time frame, but it's first come, first serve. That goes for our store too. We only make so many copies of a design, and we may not restock them so if you see something you want, grab it! Not literally.

But I want [whatever item] for cheaper!

Sorry, but no go. Our prices for both commissioned work and the items listed for sale in our shop are nonnegotiable.

What materials do you print with?

At this time we print primarily with PLA. Certain filaments work better for certain objects.

Why aren’t you making “INSERT ITEM HERE”?

I dunno, but you could suggest it by contacting us and you just might see it later on down the road.

Will you be attending “SO AND SO CONVENTION”?

Any and all cons we plan to attend will be mentioned in our newsfeed, blog, and newsletter. We might just be going as attendees and showing off our work as cosplayers, or we may have a booth. We’ll let you know either way.

Do you accept donations?

Sure do! Go check out our Patreon page and become one of our beloved patrons. There are perks for them and it helps us put out better products, faster!

What kind of 3D printers do you use?

We have two 3D printers at the moment. Both are delta design Rostock Max printers. The first one is named FR3D. FR3D stands 6 feet tall and has a print area of 11 inches round and up to a whopping 1.2 meters tall, or 49 inches. Just over 4 feet tall. It's a beast, and it was the first 3D printer we ever built and modified. (The height was chosen so we could 3D print a full sized C-10 Mk. VI. Sniper Rifle from the popular video game Starcraft) The second printer is named M1N1. M1N1 is the standard size Rostock Max, sitting at just over 3 feet tall. M1N1 has a print area of 11 inches round and up to almost 15 inches tall. If you want a special project 3D printed email us at and we'll see what we can do.  

Can you build me a printer?

No, because we wouldn’t want to rob you of the lovely memories, and self-satisfaction you’ll get from building your own. It's fun!

 Are these products made in the USA? 

Yes. All of our products are made in my basement, which is under USA soil. <3